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Regolith is my first attempt at a game. I tried to make a game like this in 2005 using Dark Basic but diddnt get very far.

This version uses a different creation engine and so far it is looking good.

Regolith is a space shooter and it is influenced by the unique Starship Command by acorn software.

The game engine I use works with Direct-X 9c in Windows XP/Vista/7, but you will need to run the direct x updater first.

You play a captain in the Regolith corporation asset protection fleet, you are sent to a remote planetary system to investigate the attacks on Regolith ships and mining equipment.

There will be ten levels set in different areas and to progress you must get over a score threshold or you will be fired, just like in the original game.
There are promotions you can earn if you score well and you get a new ship type to fly.
The current game has only the basic enemy ships and no endgame mission, so dont try too hard to reach level 10.

Coming next;
cloaking enemies
stage specific scenery and events
final mission

The game can be downloaded here

Regolith Beta 27.08.2013

other recommended downloads:

direct x updater